git init

What a weekend! I formatted my computer and installed Visual Studio 17, as well as the latest versions of Unreal and Unity. I took a bit of personal time this weekend, mainly to “Get my shit together” – It was my first pay since I lost my old job in December, and I really needed to buy a few things and pay a few bills.

I managed to get a few hours of coding in this afternoon, focusing on the tutorial for the first week’s class. I will admit, I struggled to get back into the C++ and the AIE Bootstrap again. A lot of things I have forgotten and stuff that I never really learned. As a part of the tutorial, we had to create an Agent, and I thought it would be as simple as copying over the “GameObject” code that I was using in Maths for Games. How wrong that was. That GameObject class used a lot of my Maths library, which meant I would have had to import that too. I remember Mr King saying that we should avoid using the libraries we created, as the built-in and standard libraries were tried and true. Fair enough. In the end, I decided to just code up a new Agent class, that would kind of act as a “GameObject” class.

I had a bit of trouble following the tutorial. It said to use the slides from the tutorial to build my Agent class. Then when I watched the pre-recorded lecture video it showed a different method. I was getting a bit confused between the two and trying to import my GameObject, so I decided to re-watch the first weeks class where Mr King went over the tute. I found his descriptions the easiest to understand. I pieced everything together and now have the functional Agent class with a vector of IBehave objects.

Lastly, I removed the AIE git information, re-initialised the git repo, then pushed it over to my GitHub account. I’ve worked with git a bit, but not 100% sure that I wouldn’t accidentally update the AIE repo with my tutes. I’m sure it’s got some sort of protection against that, but I wanted to be sure. The repo is here:

I will update after my next opportunity to code! I wanted to stream today, but as I’m behind I thought it would only act as a distraction. Maybe next time!


Finally got around to some actual programming tonight. I opened up Visual Studio and typed C++ code for the first time since cramming the last of the Maths for Games assignment. Was just copying stuff of slides, will add pictures and make them do stuff on Sunday – should have the whole day off to catch up… Got my C# assignment to do as well – I was so good on that and now it’s just fallen to the wayside. Need to concentrate on study more!